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just as i thought things couldn't get any just did...first pc car a problem...yipee! dammit!!!

my cars alternator doesn't seem to be working...need to get it fixed...waaaaa...
and i just got the friggin' compressor replaced two weeks another thing to have the rate my expenses are gonna be out of money real soon...what a new year!!!

January 3, 2007 f$#%n' hard disk just died...that's just great!!!
all my work and designs are now gone...damn it!!! ...all that's left now is the new layout i'm making for my website...which i have almost finished, but the backup i have is only half done (sigh)...don't know if i'm gonna finish it now.
oh...and all my pictures are gone too...f#$@!!! ...i backed up some of it...but all the new one's are gone now...i'm still hoping there's some way to retrieve some of it somehow...

...great way to start the f$%#in' year!!! f@%$!!!

...this is just depressing. :(

...maybe it's a sign...stop spending too much time on the pc....move on to other things...(sigh)

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have just released a beta version of my latest skin in progress.
you can download it here >

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i need some help finding a good hosting service...gonna put my site up soon but i don't know where...could anyone help me where to find a reliable and economical one...thanks!!! :)
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you can check out the first skinnerfaction mosaic here >…

thanks to all those who participated...i hope we could make another one soon.
if you have any ideas for the second one...maybe a theme for it. :)
again...thanks for making the project a success.

and on a different there anyone out there who would be interested in coding a skin design i can check it out here >… ....just dont have time to code anymore. :(
here's a preview of a skinning project a few of us skinners have been doing. :D
skin mosaic preview


skinning is fun dammit!

first time i played onilne on my psp...played NBA 06
....i suck...1 win 3 losses...hehehe :P
a week long vacation starts for me today...its nice to have a break from work...
...hopefully i'll get some more rest...more sleep...more time for myself...and more sleep. :)

new wall for halloween. > happy halloween!

skin mosaic still going  >  skinnerfaction

skinning is fun dammit!
shade mode for noname crap > which one should i use?
just want some feedback...thanks!  :)

new wallpaper out. > omron v.85
omron > moron .... :P

skin mosaic still going  >  skinnerfaction

skinning is fun dammit! old
finally got my linksys router to work...yey!
...just needed to use the online setup thing...i wonder why the cd it comes with doesnt setup correctly :P...
anyways...trying it out on my psp...weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

- new smiley wallpaper > ND
- skin mosaic still open for participants > skinnerfaction

one week subscription ends.... :(

bought a wireless router today (linksys WRT54G)...can't get it to work...CRAP!
google search for now...
here's a preview of my latest skin…

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Finally...i have a skin idea i'm happy with...pretty simple stuff....don't know if its for everyone...but i like it..
its still in its early stages though....will post a preview i guess when its polished up. :D


no smileys for a while...gonna finish this skin first. :D

I got this message > SHS has received its 1,000th view what's that for?

so it got 1000views? :confused:

SKINNING IS FUN DAMMIT! skinnerfaction
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wow...a one week subscription for free....thanks DA....
now...only if i had a whole year subscription... :D

skinning is fun dammit! > skinnerfaction
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After a long break...I'm officially back!
had to deal with some personal problems...but i won't get into that...its all in the past.

I have some current projects underway...first of all is skinnerfaction . Its kind of a group where skinners can just do or say whatever. Current project is a skin mosaic which is going along well. We have awesome skinners on board for this. Pretty excited on what we'll come up with.

If you're interested in joining in just go to skinnerfaction and post there if you want to participate.

Also if you have any suggestions just post it there.

boo! :D

skinning is fun dammit!
Life doesn't suck so much now...
...went on some vacations with my honey...uploaded a pic from our trip...
...will upload a few more when i have the time. :)
I've been wanting to buy an mp3 player for quite a that i have the budget i'm trying to choose which one to purchase...
...i'm thinking of buying an Ipod mini or creative zen micro...hmm...which to buy? :confused:
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  • Listening to: cailin by unwritten law
June 20, 2004

Yey, i now have a one year subscription...thanks to jark. :)
...Released new skin a couple of  days ago...seems to be doing good, thanks to all those who took the time to try it out and comment on it. :D
June 14, 2004

Will release LOBE here in DA soon...prolly this week when i get the chance to update some stuff in it...been a while since i've uploaded out for it. :D

P.S. I miss the mosaics...bring it back DA!!!

June 09, 2004

Hey my skin capsule II >… bronze at the GUI Olympics > in the best themed category for winamp 5 skin...just check it out at the site...congrats to all the other winners too.

May 20, 2004

The judging for GUI Olympics > has started... so far the deviantart team has won three silver medals ...congrats to the winners!

...i placed fifth on the most creative winamp skin, which is great since i thought i wouldnt be even at the top of the list > ...but there is three more categories to go ...still have a chance to win a medal. :P

click here >… to see the medal count.


- Two skin entries LOBE >… and CAPSULE II >… for the 2004 GUI Olympics
- Its been great having been able to participate in the contest with such great skinners and with so many awesome skin creations. Good luck to all who participated and me :)
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